Friday, February 20, 2009

cleaning out "creativity room"

means playing old madonna songs to a glass of sauvignon blanc...I mean how amazing was the "secret" video??! anyone???? where my gays at.....I remember being 15, and buying that cd with it's pretty sea green plastic forward 10 years later I would be shopping & painting different color plastics for the border her confessions cd..I remember being in charge of cd borders meant so much to me that week.....ahhhh...that was how my relationship with GB65 stayed alive... through that one beautifully vulnerable super bitch madonna. God I love her! Okay I'll stop faggin out now... baby's got a secret...mmmmm

web we weave

These are really nice but I keep thinking my friend Jill Serra would do the human hand version better...hopefully she'll read this and surprise me with one for my birthday along with arepas.........they remind me of what it sounds like when you're underwater. Images by Eno thingie still doesn't work but my blog expert friend is giving me a tutorial sunday...stay tuned 1 follower!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"You walk around like you're some kind of angel"...

Today at "work" I discovered Jeremy Leibman's website...have no idea where he took these but I'm hoping they're from March 2009 Iceland...please check out his site, he's done some really nice editing and rhythm...I would attach a link but I'm not that blog savvy just yet..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is this thing on?

My first blog ever...This is weird....will the entire worldwide internet really be able to see me? so weird but here goes....I NOW OFFICIALLY DECLARE THIS BLOG A LIFE.

anyways...yes I am going to start "blogging" about all of the things I find interesting right before going to bed..let the diaries begin. Sure I'm cheating and yes it is 1:02 pm on a saturday and I'm hungover waiting for my web friend to wake up so we can talk about my new website but...I'm gonna start blogging anyways. That's right read me.

still weird and very shy.