Monday, July 18, 2011

life is 75% mundane... and 25% adventure....that's why I work on having the best memory ever so i can keep that 25% alive... living loudly inside my head... especially on insomnia night.

where am I going with this one? im going to that moment of the 25%. How much I wish life could alllllways be 100 of that one moment. It happens really fast and not very often but when it happens you relive and tell your friends and the friend inside your head step by step how exciting and real that 25% moment really was.

I love scenes like this one, or for that matter all pretty scenes in most slowish paced movies... because they really slow down that 25% moment into a few minutes scene....then you can watch and re-watch and rewind and possibly screenshoot it and then possibly blog about it on a blog that no one reads....over and over and over again.