Monday, August 10, 2009

it's officially 6am

and I (ofcourse) can't fall asleep in barcelona....zzzzzz

probably because this afternoon I train napped to daydreams of my beloved giant white loft space... this time you were in Iceland? Damn you giant white loft space for continuing to haunt me... you've become more and more every room within... your hallway with the clear 80's cube wall, your bathroom tiles with the black n white miniature checkers that kinda look like pizzelle, your pretentiously sterile but still feminine furniture, and your vintage sorta torn apart mirrors every where...and even the way you never quite contain food odors within your kitchen area, even this way when you annoy me, even this I see in you. The way you let too much sunlight in, the way you let too much privacy out...the way you refuse to fully comfort me in the winter time, the way you always ALWAYS wake me up too early in the summer. My giant white loft space.... but where the hell do i afford you now? is it in a Miami? or in a Dumbo? a Paris (hell no), or a Berlin? Sometimes I think you most likely live in a Guatemala or maybe in that ghetto-er part of Boston near the airport..gross...ok the sun's coming up now but I'll keep looking for you beloved adversary! zzzzzzzzz

1 comment:

  1. awww your ramblings about where to lay your head are so cute (and make me sad!). find a loft in nyc. it's still possible!