Friday, September 11, 2009

follow the red balloon

and the drinks...

what a night! This whole week/labor day have truly felt like nyc again...summer is officially over and it's back to school (I've been in recess since March) kinda...but how job, free booze, random run-ins on the street...and lots n lots of red it's okay that I have to work and sorta stay home this weekend and it's also okay that I think I have strep throat AGAIN.... cause last night was quite memorable, and it really did solidify all my feelings for new york ny .... our sexless marriage that i adore.... and all our beautiful gaysian and fruit-fly daughters we've adopted throughout the your heart out brangolina our kids are better dressed!!!!!

zzzzz ;)

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  1. ahhhh epic post. wish i was rolling with you las night!! any other plans for fashytrashyweek? hit me up yo, i'm working a lot this wknd as well