Friday, September 18, 2009

kettle house

When I was little I thought I'd be able to see every piece of interesting the world had to offer...but with my own eyes. The sad part about getting older is realizing my reality's a tiny fragment of the "interesting"...the rest simply goes on and unexposed to me, but is still really amazing to some other living seeing this case some person sleeps at night in this little kettle house...drinking whiskey and hoping for a flood.

but now with modern google technology I can see cool stuff on my day off....behold followers the KETTLE HOUSE! It's in texas, 14108 San Luis Pass cool you can go to the actual street, walk right up to it, and then keep walking away. I'm sure you've all done this to your actual homes, but now try it with some "modern marvel" or some weird location you'll unfortunately never be a tourist to

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