Monday, January 18, 2010

Stanley Taub

sooooo....I watched many documentaries this weekend via hulu....the heidi fleiss one inspired a trial membership on ""...and the DARKON one made me rethink my fantasies... but my absolute favorite one of all was about my new hero (sorry heidi) Stanley Taub. Summary is... he's a brilliant man...began his life as a doctor, made western films while in medical school, he later on became a of the top five in the world in a sculptor, invented a contraption that allows people with throat cancer to speak, and he has a plastic surgery practice on 60th and park....not too shabby for one life! Let's just say this documentary thankfully lit a bit of a flame under my behind...and got me out of bed to finally begin the "art studio" i've been dreaming about since college lol. Thank you Stanley! for showing us little humans we can do soo many things and so many varieties in one single the man!

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